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Why was I billed more than I expected?
Why was I billed more than I expected?

Common reasons your Host Tools bill may be higher than you thought it would be.

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There are 3 common reasons your Host Tools bill was more than you expected.

  1. You have more listings enabled than you expected and need to disable the listings you don't want to automate.

  2. If you added a new listing in the middle of the previous billing cycle you aren't charged until the next billing cycle begins. At the beginning of the next billing cycle, you are charged the previous billing cycle's prorated charge as well as the current billing cycle's fee. For example, if you signed up on May 1 with one listing, you'll be billed for one listing immediately. If on May 15 you add another listing, then on June 1 you'll be billed for 2.5 listings (two listing price for a renewal of your subscription, plus a half listing prorated adjustment for half of the previous month's one listing difference). Similarly, a downgrade will generate a credit to be applied to the next invoice.

  3. You have one listing on multiple channels (Airbnb, VRBO, and Houfy) and the listings are not linked. This means that Host Tools does not know it is the same listing on multiple channels and sees it as 3 separate listings. Read this article for instructions on linking listings.

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