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What is a pricing rule?
What is a pricing rule?

A pricing rule allows you to change your price by an amount or percentage over a period of time.

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A typical pricing rule has two basic components. The first is the amount it changes your price by and the second is the period of time it will change the price over. You can also use pricing rules to set minimum night requirements for bookings over a specific period of time.

Here are some examples of rules you can create but there are many more options than what is listed here:

  • Increase your prices by 20% on specific days of the week, for example, if you want to increase your weekend prices.

  • Decrease your prices by $10 every day of January, useful for adjusting seasonal prices.

  • Gradually decrease your prices as the date gets closer. This is great for offering a discount on last-minute bookings to fill your calendar.

  • Increase your listing price by $50 over a specific date for an event or holiday.

  • Decrease your price to $70 when there is an orphan period of two days or less between bookings.

All prices are set in the listing's currency set on the channel.

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