If you want to make an edit to a specific date or set of dates, you can easily select and adjust the price in a matter of clicks – without affecting the rest of your Pricing Calendar.

  1. Select the date(s) in your calendar that you wish to override by clicking and dragging across the dates.

  2. Select the “Override Price” button from the pop-up. Type the desired price in the “All Prices...” box.

  3. If you would like different prices on different platforms, unselect “All” and type in the desired nightly rate for each platform. If you do not wish to override one platform, simply uncheck it from the dropdown.

  4. Don’t forget to hit save!

It’s important to note that if your override price is lower than the minimum price you’ve set the price will default to your minimum price. This is because Host Tools will never set your price below the minimum price.

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