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How do I set a channel-specific price rule?
How do I set a channel-specific price rule?
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Each channel has its own fee structure and often you will want to adjust your prices depending on which channel you’re setting prices on. Host Tools allows you to create any pricing rule and apply it to only one channel. Often hosts will create an “All Year” pricing rule and then add a percentage increase to account for the difference in fees and set it to apply to only a specific channel.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Create a pricing rule.

2. Under the “Rule Type” drop-down menu, choose “All Year.”

3. Under the “Options” drop-down menu, choose to increase your rates by an amount or a percentage.

4. Pick the amount or percentage you want to increase your prices by.

5. Choose what channel this rule will affect. In the example below I have created a rule to increase my prices on VRBO by 3%.

6. Don’t forget to hit save.

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