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How do I send messages to my cleaners via email or SMS?
How do I send messages to my cleaners via email or SMS?

How to automatically text or email cleaners about new cleanings or with cleaning reminders.

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In addition to sending messages to guests through Airbnb, VRBO,, or Houfy's messaging platform, you can also send automated email or SMS messages to your cleaners or managers.

This is often used to let the cleaners know that you just got a new booking, a canceled booking, a reservation change or to remind them a day or two before they need to clean.

When creating a message rule, simply select Email or SMS from the drop-down menu under "send to" and then enter the email or phone number you want the message to be sent to.

Host Tools also has templates for a new cleaning, a cleaning change or cancellation, and a cleaning reminder. These can all be found in the drop-down menu under "templates".

A template is a great way to easily create a message rule. We will auto-fill out all the fields and then you can adjust the template as needed.

The messages will show as sent in the message threads with your guest. They are in gray instead of blue, to shoe you that these messages were sent for this reservation, but not to your guest.

Host Tools does not support sending emails or SMS to guests unless you are sending emails to a reservation entered into the Host Tools calendar.

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