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What features does the Host Tools app offer?
What features does the Host Tools app offer?

A overview of the Host Tools app's features

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With the Host Tools mobile app for iOS and Android, you can manage day-to-day tasks on the go. You can see your calendars, add a manual reservation, edit details of an existing reservation, message with guests, and view, send, edit, or cancel a scheduled message. Keep reading for a tour of our app.


The Host Tools mobile app calendar has two views; a monthly view and a multi-calendar view. Press the icon in the top right corner to switch between views.

Adding a reservation

From either view, you can click on dates to manually add a reservation or block. You can also tap the "+" sign in the upper right corner to add a reservation.

If you add a phone number and have a connected Smart Lock Host Tools will automatically set the door code for your guest.

Viewing and editing an existing reservation's details

You can click on a reservation from either calendar view to open up the reservation details. From the reservation details pop-up, you can press the icons in the upper right-hand corner to edit the reservation's details, or quickly send a message to that guest.

From the edit view, you can edit the details of a guest's stay. If you edit their check-in or check-out time Host Tools will automatically adjust those tags in your automated messages and adjust the time that their code is active if you have a connected smart lock.

Let's look at a use case of a guest who requests a late check-out, and you agree to let them check out at 2:00 PM instead of 11:00 AM.

You open up their reservation on the app and edit their check-out time to 2:00 PM. Then, their door code is now active until 2:00 PM the day they check-out instead of 11 AM.

Also, if you normally have any messages automatically sent that include the stage for check-out time, it will be updated automatically across your messages.

For example, if you send this message to your guest the night before check-out, the tag will be updated to 2:00 PM, instead of your normal 11:00 AM.

Just a reminder that your check-out is tomorrow at {{Check-Out Time}}.


From the unified inbox, you will see all of your messages with guests. You can sort by recent, or scheduled at the top. The recent tab will show you your messages in the order of last communication, either from you or from them. The scheduled tab will sort the messages by when your next scheduled message will go out.

When you click on a guest's thread you can tap the info icon in the upper right corner to open their reservation details. You can also type in the text box at the bottom of the screen to send the guest a message.

If you click on "show scheduled messages" at the bottom of the screen your automated, scheduled messages will appear. You can disable a message for a guest, send it immediately, or edit it.

Let's look at another use case!

You have an automated rule that goes out at 10:00 AM the day after a guest checks in that says: Hi {{Guest First Name}}, Just wanted to check in and make sure you have everything you need? Hope you're enjoying your stay!

However, at 9:30 AM your guest messages you to say, "Good morning! I just wanted to let you know that the apartment is missing toilet paper. Otherwise, everything is great!"

You do not want your normal automated message to go out at 10:00 AM! Ideally, your guests never know you are using automated communication and this would obviously be a bot. So you open up the app, disable that automated message to the guest, and write them a message letting them know that more toilet paper will be dropped off that day.

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