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How do I connect my account?
How do I connect my account?

How to link listings to Host Tools

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1. Log in to your account and select your listing(s).

2. From the listing’s page, select “Account” in the top right corner.

3. Under the dropdown menu click on “Connectivity provider.”

4. Choose the blue button under “Connectivity provider” that says “Search.”

5. Type “Host Tools” in the search bar.

6. Host Tools will appear. Make sure all of the box options are selected and check the “Terms and Conditions” box.

7. Choose “Connect”.

8. Host Tools will then confirm your connection, this can take up to a few minutes.

9. Go to and click on your profile picture in the upper-right hand corner.

10. Choose “link account” from the drop-down menu and follow the instructions to link your account.

11. You’re all set!

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