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How do I use Webhooks on Host Tools?
How do I use Webhooks on Host Tools?

A guide to setting up webhooks from Host Tools

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Webhooks are a powerful tool you can use to have Host Tools send reservation data to third-party software providers like Zapier, IFTTT and others.

A webhook can be triggered when a new reservation or a modification to an existing reservation comes in. You can also choose to send webhooks a certain period of time before a guest checks in, or when they check out.

Webhooks are created the same way you create message rules, so all the events that trigger a message can also be used to trigger a webhook. Check the drop-down menu under "Event" to see all the events that can trigger a webhook.

To create a webhook, follow the same steps you would to create a message rule. Then choose "webhook" from the drop-down menu under "Send To" and enter the webhook recipient URL.

Webhooks are an efficient way to transfer data between applications. Applications like Zapier, IFTT, and others can send this information to an excel document for record-keeping, or to your HOA if they require information about each guest.

Host Tools will send POST requests to the webhook URL. We recommend you use a tool like ReqBin to test your webhook and to make sure it's working before adding it to Host Tools.

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