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Enabled, disabled, and hidden, what is the difference?
Enabled, disabled, and hidden, what is the difference?

Describes the difference between enabled, disabled and hidden

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On every listing's settings page, you can decide if you want your listing to be enabled, disabled, or hidden. This article will explain each of these options.


  • When the checkbox next to "enable listing" is unchecked, the listing is disabled. When a listing is disabled you can modify its settings, create pricing and messaging rules, block dates and do everything else you would like to do to set it up. However, Host Tools will not automate or send any data to the channels, and you will not be charged for this listing. This is the perfect way to configure a new listing and to make sure you have everything set up the way you want before making it live. All listings are imported as "disabled" by default.


  • Once your listing is configured the way you want it, you can check the box next to "enable listing" to enable it. This will allow Host Tools to start automating everything on your listing. Once a listing is enabled, changes you make on Host Tools will be pushed to your connected channels immediately. If, for example, you block dates on your Host Tools calendar, those dates will be blocked immediately on all connected channels.


  • If your listing is disabled and you check the box next to "hide listing" the listing will be hidden in Host Tools. This means it will not show up on your multi-calendar or menus. You also will not see it when adding pricing rules or message rules. This is a good option for listings you do not wish to use Host Tools with. These listings will still appear on your settings page so that you can enable them if you wish to use Host Tools with them in the future.

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