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What will change on my Airbnb account when I connect it to Host Tools?
What will change on my Airbnb account when I connect it to Host Tools?

A description of changes made to your Airbnb listings when you connect them to Host Tools.

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Host Tools is a preferred partner with Airbnb. This means that you are getting a great and reliable connection to your Airbnb listings from Host Tools!

Airbnb also has some guidelines and mandatory settings for listings connected via a PMS (property management system). When you connect a listing to Host Tools, the reservations, reviews, and content will remain unchanged. However, the following changes will be made:

1. Some accounts will change to a Host-only fee.

The host-only fee typically ranges from 14% to 16% and is mandatory for software-connected hosts, unless those hosts have a majority of their listings in the United States, Canada, the Bahamas, Mexico, Argentina, Taiwan, or Uruguay.

Airbnb also highlights the fact that there is no guest service fee added to the host’s rates, making the listings more attractive to guests. According to the platform, hosts that have decided to switch to the simplified pricing have seen an overall increase in their bookings of about +17%.

2. Instant Book is enabled on all listings.

You can then disable Instant Book on your listings on

To do this, go to, or open the Airbnb app.

From the main menu choose "listings".

Choose the listing you want to disable Instant Book on.

Go to "Booking Settings," then click "How guests can book," and toggle "Instant Book" to off.

3. Airbnb Smart pricing is no longer available.

Read this article to learn how to link your PriceLabs account, or read this blog post for an overview of Host Tool's pricing and availability rules.

4. Price and availability rules are cleared from your Airbnb calendar if you allow all permissions.

If you connect your account with messaging, reviews, pricing, and availability enabled, custom prices (discounts and seasonal rules) and availability rules (min and max nights, close to arrival and departure) are all cleared from your Airbnb calendar. This is done in preparation to receive a price push from Host Tools. These settings can all be made on Host Tools, read this article for more information about editing Airbnb settings on Host Tools

5. All imported iCals are removed from Airbnb.

6. Co-Hosted listings will not import.

You have to connect listings you co-host using the owner's Airbnb account or connect the listing using the account of the owner of an Airbnb Team that the listing has been shared with.

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