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How do I create and send quick replies with tags to guests?
How do I create and send quick replies with tags to guests?

Easily create quick replies with tags that are auto-filled wirth reservation specific information.

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To save time as a host when replying to common questions or sending common messages, you can create quick reply templates . These templates can be personalized with tags that dynamically fill in guest, reservation, and listing details.

How Do I Use Quick Replies with Host Tools?

1. Select the “Inbox” tab on your Host Tools dashboard.

2. Click on the blue chat bubble at the bottom left corner of your selected conversation

3. Select “Add New Quick Message”

4. Name your new quick reply. For this example, we will add a quick reply for parking.

Quick replies

5. Type in your message and add any tags you would like to use.

6. Save.

Quick Replies

7. Now you can easily use this parking quick reply by choosing the “Use this reply” button.

Quick replies

8. The message will preview in the chat box with your tags auto-populated, giving you the opportunity to make custom adjustments before sending. When you are ready to send the message, simply select the paper airplane icon to the right.

9. That’s it! You can add as many quick reply templates as you need.

You can use quick replies from the website, or the Host Tools app!

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