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What is a "price source"?
What is a "price source"?

An article explaining price sources

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Most channels require an "all or none" approach to calendar management. That means that if you use Host Tools to keep your calendars in sync, they also require that you control prices from Host Tools. They want your entire calendar controlled from the same place.

The first step in setting up Host Tools is to select your "price source." This article will go over the different price source options and what they mean.

  • Set Amount

    • If you choose "set amount" you will pick a base price on Host Tools, and then every price rule you create will adjust that base price. For instance, let’s say your base price is set at $100. You then create a rule of a 20% price increase on weekends. This means that your weekend prices are $120. Let's say you then add a channel-specific price rule to increase your prices on all days, on VRBO by 5%. Then your weekdays would be set to $105 on VRBO, and your weekends to $121. You can keep on adding rules to adjust your prices as needed.

  • PriceLabs

    • If you choose PriceLabs as your price source, you can connect your PriceLabs and Host Tools account. You must have a PriceLabs account to choose this option and you must follow every step in this article to link your PriceLabs account to your Host Tools account. This will import your PriceLabs prices for each day as your base price. You can still add Host Tools pricing rules to further modify these prices if you want to.

  • Beyond Pricing

    • If you choose Beyond Pricing as your price source, this means that you have a Beyond Pricing account and you have connected it directly to all of your listings on your channels. So, for example, Beyond pricing will set prices directly on Airbnb for you. This also means that Host Tools has no control over your prices and Host Tools will not modify this listing's prices.

  • VRBO or Houfy

    • If you have a VRBO or Houfy listing connected you may also choose one of these channels as your price source. That means we will pull in your prices from VRBO or Houfy, and then push them out to all connected channels. You can also create price rules on Host Tools to modify these prices. If for example, you prefer to set your prices on VRBO or have another service that sets prices on VRBO, you can set that as your price source. Then, you could create a rule that decreases your prices by 5% on Airbnb. In this case, we would pull in your prices from VRBO, and push those prices out to all channels, with a 5% decrease on Airbnb. If you select VRBO as a listing's price source, Host Tools will not change the prices on VRBO.

    • Airbnb and cannot be chosen as price sources because both of these channels do not allow you to set prices on them once you are connected to a PMS like Host Tools.

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